Meditation Coach Journal – Living in Abundance

Meditation Coach Journal – Chapter 6 by Kia McClain

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The last step of this process is living in abundance. There will come a time in which it seems like everything is going right. Everything is aligning. Every time you turn around it will feel like a new blessing is there. As you continue to align with your purpose, you will notice that amazing things, places, and people continue to manifest for you. Remaining grounded, thankful, and grateful is imperative. This keeps you in the magic zone of receiving and feeling whole.

Life is often filled to the rim with wonderful moments that you adore. You have remained faithful to the process, therefore, you have earned the reward of seeing, and experiencing the world in love!

Now it is time to shift into this focus with intention. Intention means that you have specific criteria for the experiences that you would like to have going forward.  In the last chapter, we focused on what you no longer want, or need in your life. How do you move into new opportunities, people, places, and things without ending up in situations that you don’t want again?

This is where setting boundaries is important. Boundaries are not put in place with a “keep out” demeanor, the purpose of boundaries is to create a healthy environment for you, that feels safe and secure, an environment that allows you to have peace, and be yourself without fear. The lack of boundaries is how many of us end up in situations that we regret.

Boundaries are different for everyone, but required boundaries should include that you feel safe, you feel supported in being yourself, honesty and truth are abundant, and you feel respected and honored for who you are, not what you can do for other people. Lastly, one of the most important boundaries is that you are receiving, just as much as you give. Not that you should be keeping count, but you certainly should not notice an imbalance either.

Giving without end, or limit will drain you to the point that you have to pull from your energy reserves to sustain yourself. If you are at the point of sucking your own soul dry, who wins at the end of the day? A healthy relationship embodies giving and receiving.

A relationship is a sacred agreement to celebrate and embrace each other as you embark on a journey of growth together. This cannot be accomplished without honesty, love, respect, and truth. It is very important that you understand the concept of what a relationship is, and you ensure that you are entering a relationship with others who have the same understanding that you do. 

When we were little kids we made oaths to each other all the time, best friends for life, why do we lose this trait of sincerity in friendship as adults?

If you care deeply for your friends, if you deeply appreciate your friends, you should express it, not hold it in, or hold it back. Aligning with new possibilities does not manifest by hiding what we really want in life. It happens by us being open, and honest, and baring our souls to ourselves, and others in our sacred space. The ability to celebrate special moments together is what counts the most!

We see people all the time on the news who are surrounded by “everything”, but feel like they have nothing because a money bag won’t hug you back. Luxurious items won’t respond back with joy to your stories, nor will they ask you how your day went. We all laugh about fictional characters like Ebenezer Scrooge, but how many of us have become the very thing we think is ridiculous?

The more sincere and honest you can be with yourself about what really lights your soul, and makes you happy, the easier it will be to manifest. There are a few things you shouldn’t do when thinking of what you want.

Don’t add a time frame to when you want your manifestation to appear, and don’t sit and wait for it to happen. Active waiting is so important to the process. As much as people would like it to happen, no one is going to come to your door, and drop $1 million in your lap, nor are they going to pull up with the love of your life.

You have to be proactive in pursuing what you want in life. This does not mean sit and plan out every second of how you are going to get what you want, but it means to start moving with what you have. Have faith and trust the resources that you have are enough. Trust that you are enough.

You never know how far a little inspiration can take you in the long run. All it takes is the right place or time, and you are off to the races of fulfilling your soul desires, or dreams.

Being diligent in living from the inside out is another wonderful way to manifest your dreams, and align with what is already out there waiting for you. When you are authentic with your voice, your dreams, your actions, and your work, it shows.

The positive energy that you are pouring into everything you do, makes others want to be part of it. We are inherently drawn to others when we can see they are sincere, and authentically love what they are doing.

The salesperson that you buy from, is not the one who is technical and the know it all, of every fact. The best salesperson is the one who has a compelling personal story, or connection to the product they are selling. You can tell that they love the product they are selling, and they love their job. You reward their passion by giving them the sale.

Think of the product as your existence, and your job is to sell your life to yourself. Your product is yours to create. To live in abundance and wholeness is to fully discover your value. I don’t mean your monetary value, your value as a spouse, parent, woman, or man, I mean the value in the fact, that you merely exist today.

That out of the millions of possibilities for life the day you were conceived, you were the one to grasp the moment. Out of the millions of failed pregnancies, yours was the one to become successful. Out of the many stillbirth deliveries you were born alive and well. Don’t you realize what a miracle you are? The fact that you are here on this planet at this time, you are a miracle.

The hustle and bustle of life can leave you feeling like you have become lost in the shuffle. Today’s society will leave you feeling like money, accomplishments, milestones, looking a certain way, and achieving certain results is all that matters.

Today, I want to remind you that you matter! No matter who you are, where you come from, or how you look, because you merely exist, you are valuable, and you are worthy of all the best that life has to offer you.

This entire planet, full of beauty and wonder, is here for you to enjoy and explore. The sun is shining and lighting up your world so that you can see all the brilliance that surrounds you, and feel the warmth of love that this wonderful creation, our universe, which you are part of, holds in infinite supply. So breathe deep today, close your eyes, and allow that infinite love to find you where ever you are.

Smile, knowing that the things that really matter in this world, are always yours to have any time you choose to immerse yourself in the essence of your value, and worthiness. You are love to someone in this world. It doesn’t matter if it is the same people that you see and smile at each day on your way to work. Your pet is sad to see you go, but bursting with joy when you come home. Your children, your family, your friends, the people who admire you that don’t even know your name, they love your presence when you walk into the room, and they smile and wave.

You are love, you are the light in someone’s world, that makes you worthy of all the love, joy, happiness, and peace that you can possibly handle. You being yourself is enough for someone in this world. Why would you want to be anyone else?

You are a spark that brightens someone’s day. Your smile matters, your laugh matters, your interest, your hobbies, your words, your touch, your kiss, your happiness, you light up someone’s world simply by being yourself.

Now allow someone else to light up your world today. Love is infinite and it is found in so many little moments throughout the day. Don’t overlook them! Don’t let this world we live in cause you to forget.

Your task for today and every day is to go out and remind someone else of who they really are, who they really can be if they would simply trust themselves, and do the work!


New Possibilities Writing Exercise – Reflection and Realization

What would you enthusiastically do with all of your time, right now, if you were granted the wish that you could have everything you have ever wanted in life? Who would you be with? Where would you be? What would you be doing for a living? How would you look (within reason)? What would be your favorite hobby? What would you do every morning when you woke up? What about your life that would make you the happiest? What would be your favorite moments? Don’t answer these questions with what you think the answers would be 10 years down the road from now, answer as if it were going to happen in the present moment. Answer with those fleeting, but real thoughts that you feel in your soul about your life goals and dreams!

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Written by Kia McClain

Kia McClain is the retired owner of award-winning, digital agency Shenomenon, after a 15-year career in the digital space. Today, Kia is the founder of, an integrative experience of an online platform with A.I. based, digital tools and apps designed for mindfulness and meditation, well-being rooms designed as a journaling and meditation lounge, and an astrology school for beginners, by way of journaling. As a retired growth hacker, Kia’s new mission in life is to help people to growth hack themselves via education, astrology, digital tools, mindfulness, meditation, and energy healing.

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Meditation Coach Journal – Aligning With New Possibilities

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