Mindfulness chatbots, voice assistants, quizzes, and digital wellness tools for well-being.

Mindfulness chatbots, voice assistants, quizzes, and digital wellness tools for well-being.

Mindfulness + Meditation Chatbots and Digital Wellness Quizzes + Tools

Mindfulness and meditation in a heartbeat – our motto shows, even in our logo. Everything we do is centered around the heart. We specialize in creating tools, rooms, and technologies that calm your heart rate variability which science is quickly proving to be the number one indicator of your overall well-being. So what is heart rate variability? It is the variation in time between each heartbeat. As a heart math certified organization, for anxiety and stress, our goal is to help you to live life calmly.

Pinpoint how your intuitive voice speaks to you via your mind, body, and spirit! Our well-being quizzes help you to notate your intuitive strengths and where it would be helpful to cultivate a deeper connection with yourself. The purpose of mindfulness and meditation is not just rest and relaxation, but a transformation that leads to a lifetime of well-being. Select a wellness quiz below to get started.

Amazon Alexa Mindfulness and Meditation Chatbots, Quizzes, and Voice Assistants

You can take our mind, body, and spirit quizzes on the go, using Amazon Alexa. This is very helpful if you want to take your quizzes as a family, group of friends, or incorporate the quizzes into a corporate workshop. Check out our Amazon shop where we offer FREE Alexa skills with some of our most popular quizzes. Alexa will not only give you mindfulness and meditation quizzes, but she will also give you your quiz results as well.

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What to Expect from Well-Being Assessment

Set aside at least an hour, and take your time, answering each quiz thoughtfully and truthfully. At the end of each quiz, you will receive a result based on your answers. We encourage you to take all three quizzes in order to discover how you send intuitive messages to yourself. For example, do you get sudden headaches when you are in an environment that is toxic to your well-being? Or do you get sudden, strong senses and urges that you should do, or say, something specific? Do you find yourself frozen by anxiety or overdoing everything due to stress? We help you identify patterns that prevent productivity in your life and help you to overcome them.

Our A.I. based, digital wellness tools and quizzes, heart-centered therapies, coaching, and well-being rooms assist with:

Learning how to hear yourself speak and your thoughts

Translating your actions to intentions

Listen, and respond appropriately to your intuitive cues

Recognizing your intuitive voice operating in your mind, body, and spirit

Honoring and acknowledging truth

When you set goals from a place in which you are not in “knee jerk reaction” mode and you are focusing on what is best and the most healthy for you, you will set yourself up for success that enhances your life vs taking away from it.

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Ushering in an Era of Innovative Mindfulness

Technology for well-being, and well-being planning for successful outcomes. At Mindful Casted we bring together technology, heart and mind centered therapies, wellness coaching, well-being rooms, and a support system to help you meet your goals for well-being and productivity. We want to help you achieve and discover the things that you really want to do with your life vs what you are being pressured, or feel obligated to do.

Our goal is to simplify wellness and remove the stress of going after unattainable wellness goals. With our systems, you move at your own pace and comfort level, and we encourage self-directed well-being that allows you to discover and explore what works best for you, not us. We strive to provide you with meaningful answers, strategies, and processes, not sales pitches, and the latest health trends. We aim to help you learn all the ways that you can trust yourself and your intuitive voice.

Our first well-being rooms location (in partnership with our sponsor Wayfair), is now opened and operational in Overland Park, Kansas! The focus on our well-being room in Kansas is balance, therefore it is a journaling and meditation lounge with super comfy bean bag chairs, salt lamps, great reading material, and of course the star of the show, our 2021 astrology journal collection!

To enhance your meditation and journaling session aromatherapy, sound therapy, Heart Math services, and more are available for you to partake in. The scheduling of our journaling and meditation lounge is by appointment only. The best way to access our lounge is by signing up for a membership. For $100/mo you will receive coaching, access to our lounge, a journal membership, virtual and offline workshops, and so much more. Learn more about the membership levels available to you on our membership page!

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