At, our Heart Math Certified coaches and consultants are here to guide you through creating a wellness workforce and navigating the new challenges presented by Covid-19. Our staff is composed of professional consultants who have successfully advised startups to established companies on how to increase their revenue and the longevity of their staff from a more holistic approach. Would you like to speak with us more about how we can assist your company during these trying times? Contact us today using the form below!

Our corporate wellness services include:

Secure, 2FA-Protected Login via Authenticator App, wellness mobile, and web apps that can easily be downloaded to employee and personal devices.

Custom built wellness, mindfulness, and meditation apps, chatbots, and platforms to meet the specific needs of your company’s wellness program, and employees.

Custom on-site and in-home well being rooms and areas

Engaging corporate wellness programs and services that encourage employee participation and measurable results.

On-site, virtual, and digital wellness workshops and activities

Free resources that encourage family participation in wellness programs to help drive down overall healthcare costs to the company.

Low-cost and free, quality, corporate wellness programs for entrepreneurs, small businesses, and companies (Less than 50 employees)

Corporate Wellness Articles and Advice

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